Light up your way in commodity CFD trading.

Lighten up your trading way to international markets.

There are numerous commodities that could be traded via CFDs on Hobtrades platform: energies (crude oil such as Brent or West Texas, natural gas, and coal), precious metals (silver, gold, platinum), agricultural raws (soy, cocoa, corn, sugar). Put to use Hobtrades superior spreads, leverage, and other online investment services to brighten up your personal online investment track in commodity CFD trading.

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You can find more than 20 commodity assets for CFD trading at Hobtrades. This versatility is quite appropriate for a trader’s portfolio diversification.


Hobtrades offers a quick and functional access to plentiful commodity CFDs covering diverse financial markets such as metals, energies, livestock, and raw commodity products.


There are about 50 major commodity markets around the world where about 100 commodities are traded daily according to the operational hours. It’s quite a dynamic area of financial interest for many traders.

Flexible spreads

Flexible spreads, leverage on crypto coins, Brent, natural gas, silver, gold, platinum, corn, sugar CFDs, etc. create favorable and enlightening trading conditions for any trader to build up and develop their own trading way.

24/5 expert support

The expert support team of Hobtrades professionals would not let you get lost in the waves of trading. Our support team works hard to light up your way through any confusing or uncertain situations.