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High prices volatility

The stock market liquidity depends on various economic and political factors that must be followed thoroughly by every trader. Speculate on those price fluctuations with CFD trading on chosen companies.

Control of trades

The stocks market is a substantial field of trading opportunities driven by the number of companies listed. Choose your favorites among 150+ names and place your bids. Go long or short, specify your stop loss and gain profit levels and take over the market..

Genuine diversification

Economic giants, like Google, Amazon or Netflix, or local enterprises. Corporations that have an international impact, or unknown promising start-ups. Stock trading is your way of giving a genuine boost to your portfolio diversity.

Flexible spreads

Flexible spreads, leverage on crypto coins, Brent, natural gas, silver, gold, platinum, corn, sugar CFDs, etc. create favorable and enlightening trading conditions for any trader to build up and develop their own trading way.

24/5 expert support

The expert support team of Hobtrades professionals would not let you get lost in the waves of trading. Our support team works hard to light up your way through any confusing or uncertain situations.