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Lighten up your trading way to international markets.

Trading CFDs on precious metals such as silver, gold, or platinum with InvestLite has something for every trader. Be it portfolio diversification, hedging, or exercising any kind of day trading strategy, metal trading with InvestLite could open and clear up the pathway to achieve your market-oriented goals. Hit the shining track of metals CFD trading perspectives.

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Trading metals like silver, gold, or platinum has historically been always appreciated as a valuable transaction while precious metals are still seen by many investors as a valuable counterpart to fiat money.


With Hobtrades services of CFD trading, you do not have to buy, sell, or own the metal itself, which could be time-consuming. Contracts for difference (CFDs) on silver, gold, and platinum let you go to precious metals trading in no time..


Nowadays, there are more than 50 metal markets in the world the financial turnover of which amounts up to approximately 600 billion USD a month.

Flexible spreads

Flexible spreads, leverage on crypto coins, Brent, natural gas, silver, gold, platinum, corn, sugar CFDs, etc. create favorable and enlightening trading conditions for any trader to build up and develop their own trading way.

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The expert support team of Hobtrades professionals would not let you get lost in the waves of trading. Our support team works hard to light up your way through any confusing or uncertain situations.